Lady Amhurst’s Pheasant – 5th time lucky

Today I saw a Lady Amhurst’s Pheasant in Bedfordshire. They are originally from China and were released here some time ago like our other pheasants. They bred and had a self sustaining population (meaning they survived here) but recently went into decline. There is now just one male left that we know about, 3 hours from our house, and really hard to see.

Today was the fifth time I had tried to see it. Twice last May and the third time this year. It’s a stunning bird with an amazing long tail. Today I watched it for 20 minutes but it was deep in the woods and impossible to photograph.

That is 3 new birds for me in Britain in 4 days – an unbelievable run of good luck. The photo is of me as soon as we were back in the car. I had to get up at 3.00 am and so I’m tired but happy.

Young Birder bird girl Mya-Rose Craig at Lady Amhurst’s Pheasant Twitch

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