Thank you letter from Geographical Association

This is the lovely letter I received from the President of the Geographical Association for School Teachers on the talk I gave at their Annual Conference.

Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig talking to geography teachers at the GA Conference

12 April 2016
Dear Mya-Rose,

I simply had to write and thank you for all the time you gave up to come and talk at, not one, but two sessions at the Geographical Association conference. You will be pleased to hear I am sure that your contributions were a key talking point around the conference and that the points you were making have been discussed in a wider community – the geographers. I am so grateful to you for contacting us and for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. I know the young people in the morning were intrigued with what you had to say and that they found it especially useful to have someone of a similar age talking to them as opposed to someone of another generation. The teachers in the afternoon were deeply impressed with your confidence and presence in presenting and the messages you so clearly articulated. Many of them will be using your ideas in their future lessons.

I am only so sorry that my Presidential duties prevented me from spending more time with you and attending the sessions myself. But it has been good to receive so many positive and lovely comments about what you offered the conference. I do hope that you enjoyed the experience and that you felt it was a worthwhile event to attend.

Thank you for your kind invitation to the Bristol event you are involved with – I am hoping to be there – it really does depend on availability at the time. My colleague Jeremy Kraus who lives in Bristol is hoping to be there anyway so I will hear of another success from you.

My very best wishes for the future – I know it will be a bright one.

And thank you again for joining us.


Steve Rawlinson
Geographical Association
Geographical Association Primary Geography Champion
Consultant to the Geographical Association
Chair of the Primary Geography Editorial Board

Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig talking to geography teachers at the GA Conference

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