Questionnaire for Naturalists living in Bangladesh

If you live in Bangladesh and are interested in wildlife, nature, conservation or the environment or know someone in this group, please read on.

Hamza at Camp Avalon 2015

In the UK, it is rare to see an ethnic minority person out in a nature reserve, even in the inner city.

People from ethnic minority communities (like British Bangladeshi’s)  for some reason rarely connect with nature.I would like anyone living in Bangladesh and with any interest in birds, wildlife, nature, conservation or the environment to complete the following questionnaire so that we can see if there is anything that might help in encouraging Bangladeshis here in the UK.

If you know anyone from this group, of any age, please can you ask them to complete the form and return it to me at All answers will be treated as confidential.

Dear fellow nature lover

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

As you will be well aware, there are very few Bangladeshi people showing an interest in birding, nature or conservation. In the UK, the numbers are even lower.

As you are part of that growing number of people living in Bangladesh who are interested, in nature, I wanted to ask you some questions so that we can find out what the barriers are and whether they can be overcome.

Your answers will be treated in complete confidence as I understand these can be sensitive issues.

Please feel free to add anything you like your answers.

Please return the form to by 26 May 2016.


Mya-Rose Craig (Birdgirl)

Questionnaire for anyone living in Bangladesh and interested in birding, nature or conservation.





Ethnicity/Religion (including if you are mixed heritage)

What is the background of your family? For example, do older people in your family have degrees or professional jobs? Are they in an upper, middle or lower socio economic group? Are they well off, middle or lower income?

What sort of place did u grow up (for example city centre, city suburbs, town or village)?

If you did not grow up in the countryside, did you visit the countryside during your childhood?

In your childhood, were you taken into nature (somewhere with grass or trees) such as a park or green area?

If so, how often?

Were you allowed to run around with free play or was your play organised, such as playing cricket or football?

Growing up, did you have lots of contact with ordinary/less educated Bangladeshi family and friends who influenced you?

How did you become interested in nature?

How old were you when you first became interested?

Did you have a role model or someone who got you interested?

What was the response of your family and friends?

Have you managed to get another person interested through your interest?

What do think are the barriers to Bangladeshi people getting into nature or wildlife?

How do you think promotional materials can be targeted to increase people’s interest or involvement or state if you do not think this would help?

Can you give details of anyone else you know in Bangladesh who are interested in nature so that we can contact them?

Is there anything else you want to add?

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