My Article in Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine

This is an article I have written for Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine, about the racism within the nature conservation and environmental sector and the need for the sectors to become ethnically diverse. “If the environmental sector fails to become ethnically diverse, it fails to bring on board an increasingly large section of our society. It will not have the widespread support it needs to stop climate breakdown, create sustainable cities or save the million species that are predicted to become extinct. We have to engage everyone in our society if we are to succeed in turning the tide of the environmental crisis.”

The photograph was taken by Oliver Edwards for Scouts Magazine

A selection of articles (and accompanying images) from each issue from Resurgence and Ecologist are available as ‘free to read’ online and help to generate greater awareness about ecological issues and share new ideas, analysis and inspiration with both new and existing readers. You can find my article in the November/December 2019 Magazine.

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