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'Birdgirl' Mya-Rose Craig receives Bristol University honorary doctorate
Mya-Rose Craig has been campaigning for equality in the environmental movement since 2015.
Mya-Rose Craig: ‘Young people need to see someone like them who is into nature’
The 18-year-old birder and environmentalist on improving diversity in her field and how the pandemic has affected the natural world
'Birdgirl' joins RSPB committee as youngest member
Mya-Rose Craig will help to champion the wildlife charity’s work over the next few years.
BirdGirl: Teenage twitcher becomes youngest recipient of an honorary degree
Mya-Rose Craig strives to give ethnic minorities access to the environment, by running camps and running campaigns.
Mya-Rose Craig on shattering 'middle-aged men' stereotypes about birders
The young star on why birding isn't the 'intimidating hobby' people may think it is.
Teenage British activist stages climate protest on Arctic ice floe
ABOARD 'ARCTIC SUNRISE' (Reuters) - Like many of her generation, Mya-Rose Craig feels strongly that adults have failed to take the urgent action needed to tackle global warming and so she ...
'Birdgirl' Mya-Rose Craig Talks Climate Activism, Racism, and Braving Polar Bears
Nominated for Global Citizen's UK's Hero Award, Craig is a leading voice for protecting nature.
Mya-Rose Craig’s guide to spring bird-watching: when and where to look
Mya-Rose Craig is an 18-year-old British-Bangladeshi ornithologist and environmental activist whose blog, Birdgirl, has had more than five million visits since
Top coastal birds to spot in the UK
Mya-Rose Craig, also known as Birdgirl, is an 18-year-old ornithologist. She has been a committed birder around Britain since the age of eight, in particular t
Publishers flock to birdwatching memoir by Mya-Rose Craig, Britain’s Greta
A teenage birdwatcher and environmentalist has won a six-figure advance for a memoir she began writing while studying for A-levels. Mya-Rose Craig, 18, dubbed t
Bird lover Mya-Rose Craig gets doctor of science degree from University of Bristol
Abandoning revision three months before A levels is not the sort of thing any teacher would normally endorse. But when you are to be given an honorary doctorate, even the most stringent may turn a ...
The 16-year-old who flew around the world to spot 5,000 birds
By the age of eight she had bagged the sword-billed hummingbird in Ecuador. At 11 it was the 6ft southern cassowary in Australia. When she was 13 she encountered her first emperor penguin (Jack ...
Inspired by nature: 'Birdgirl' Mya-Rose Craig - National Parks
Mya-Rose Craig is the youngest British person to have received an honorary doctorate and is an international wildlife and environmental champion.
Mya-Rose Craig: the “Birdgirl” reimagining Britain’s countryside
Small remote cottages are often where fairy tales begin, surrounded by the sound of bees and birdsong and covered in climbing roses. And Birdgirl, as Mya-Rose Craig is more commonly known, happens to ...
Teen birdwatcher and climate campaigner Mya-Rose Craig doesn't want Greta Thunberg's fame
The teen birdwatcher from the Chew Valley near Bristol made her name after starting the blog ‘Birdgirl’ at the age of 11
Teenager holds most northerly climate strike on an Artic ice cap | ITV News
The Somerset environmental activist, Mya-Rose Craig has travelled to the Artic to protest about climate change. | ITV News West Country
New young rebels: birder and conservationist Mya-Rose Craig - The Bristol Magazine Online
We caught up with our local Birdgirl who at 17 gained an honorary degree from Bristol Univerity for her conservation work.
Interview with the president of Black2Nature, Mya-Rose Craig
Spending time in nature is widely understood to be beneficial to both our mental and physical wellbeing, however for many people in the UK access to green space is a privilege. Research has shown ...
Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig: nature defender | Friends of the Earth
Mya-Rose Craig, aka Birdgirl, is one of the UK's wildlife heroes. Still in her mid-teens, she's been spotting and helping protect birds for years.
British teen activist Mya-Rose Craig stages climate protest on Arctic ice sheet
Armed with a placard reading ‘Youth Strike for Climate”, the 18-year-old British activist is staging the most northerly protest in a series of youth strikes worldwide.
Chukwu and Craig join Creative Industries Federation and Creative England board | The Bookseller
Hannah Chukwu and Mya-Rose Craig have been appointed to the joint board of the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England.
Teenage birdwatcher youngest ever Brit to receive honourary doctorate
A teenage birdwatcher has urged students to "tackle the environmental crisis" as she became the youngest Brit to receive an honorary doctorate.
3 climate activists explain the IPCC’s climate report and hope for future
The UN’s report warning of ‘code red for humanity’ due to detrimental and ‘irreversible’ climate changes is devastating and terrifying – Wallace Mazon, Adam Corner, and Mya-Rose Craig ...

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