Avon Wildlife Trust Keynsham Group Talk “Born to Bird”

Last night I gave an one and half hour talk to Avon Wildlife Trust  (AWT) Keynsham Group. My talk was called “Born to Bird” about how I got into birding, my journey to seeing 4500 birds in the world and the conservation projects I am involved in. I was particularly pleased to do the talk without any notes and still not forget anything.

The organisers of the group said that normally their January Talks are very quiet, so apologised in advance in case there was a small audience.

Instead, my talk had a record audience with quite a few kids and teenagers there, which has never happened before. They had to bring out all the chairs and the room was packed with more than 60 people.

What was lovely was that AWT members came from around Bristol, not just Keynsham. It would be great if one day it was possible for me to give a talk in Bristol itself.

Ian Barratt, the CEO of AWT was also there with his two children, so no pressure 🙂

It was lovely to have a chat and meet his children and hopefully inspire them. I loved speaking to this group, particularly as the audience was great, laughing at my photos and jokes and being really interested in what I have managed to do. So thanks again. I even got invited back to speak more about Spoon-billed Sandpipers.

One of the many lovely messages that I received after the talk:
“My mother and I thoroughly enjoyed last Friday evenings talk given by your amazing daughter. Your parents have given you golden opportunities and you have grasped them fully with both hands”

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig

A recent article about me in the local newspaper, The Keynsham Voice, and the great work of The Avon Wildlife Trust

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