Camp Avalon Kit List

Please label everything with the child’s name

Please note
Please do not send your teenagers with any food (it will be taken away), duvets, sleeping bags, pillow or cushions. We will provide sufficient food and snacks, have to be careful of allergies and do not want a group of teenagers on a sugar rush.

Small small school backpack to carry belongings
(no large suitcases, large bags or plastic bags)

Clothing (in addition to what they arrive in)
The number of clothes must be sufficient for 3 days /2 nights with a spare set of clothes
1 Warm comfortable clothes for bedtime
2 T-shirt
1 Warm tracksuit-top / fleece / hoodie
1 Outdoor trousers or tracksuit bottoms (jeans are not ideal but ok)
2 pairs underwear and socks (thick socks if you are wearing wellies)
1 pair old trainers (as it might  be muddy)
1 waterproof coat
1 Cap (so no hair styling needed)

Other items

1 drinks bottle (to carry a drink during activities)
1 thin blanket (if you have one)
1 small towel or flannel
Washing kit (minimum of toothbrush & comb)
Plastic bag (for wet/dirty clothes)
Suncream and hay fever medication as pollen counts higher in the countryside
Medication – must be named, in a clear plastic bag and handed in or if needed kept in a safe place
1 mobile phone may be brought

Do not take to camp:
Any food items including sweets/snacks
Anything electronic such as electronic games, MP3 players, I-pods, etc. They are too easily damaged or lost
Shell suits/nylon clothes – extreme fire injury risk
Aerosols, matches, lighters, or any other flammable liquid or gas – these are dangerous
Knives or pen knives
Anything valuable

If you are not sure of anything on, or not on, this list, or do not have items then please ask Helena Craig, who can be contacted on 07798 818772 or

Camp Avalon 2017
Photography copyright Mya-Rose Birdgirl Craig

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