Keynsham Kindness Day 24 April 2017

After giving a talk in Avon Wildlife Group Keynsham Group in January, I was contacted by quite a few people from Keynsham who wanted me to get involved in their event. One of these was attending a Keynsham Kindness Day event on 24/4/17. I was going to be launching the #kindness_connects wristband campaign. I was also going to be leading a Keynsham Now group discussion about teenage bullying.

I really loved being involved with Keynsham Kindness Day and launching their wristband project. After all the nastiness online and beyond, this was a lovely idea #kindness_connects.

When we arrived,  a lady I recognised from an environmental training session I had been to in Keynsham a few months gave me some chocolates as a “random act of kindness”. How lovely was that?

I also met Paris Brosnan, who is from Keynsham and has just written her first children’s book called Billy Bee (  Look out for my review of the book very soon, it was delightful and I can’t wait to read it to my nephew Lucas.

It was also good to talk about bullying and online trolls with other young people from Keynsham Now.

Young Birder May-Rose Birdgirl Craig and Dr Sarah Cox launching the #kindness_connects campaign
Photograph taken by and copyright Chris Craig


Young Birder May-Rose Birdgirl Craig launching the #kindness_connects campaign
Photograph taken by and copyright Chris Craig
#kindness_connects campaign

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