Indonesia Trip 2017 Day 6

Indonesia Trip Day 6 – Thursday 27th July 2017

Sulawesi with Mike Nelson from Bird Tour Asia.

The first part of our 6 week Indonesian trip was birding the island of Sulawesi. 

In the morning of Thursday 27th July we left Sendy Guesthouse to bird the world famous Lora Lindu National Park in the mountains. 

It was our first morning at Lore Lindu and we had a late 5am start. It was a 40 minute drive, for some extra sleep. We had breakfast (of Nutella chocolate sandwiches for me) in the car park of the national park centre before walking in the area of a lake. Here there were a couple of Indonesian young birders camping with their wives, who Idris, our local guide, gave some gen to. That was encouraging to see.

We spent the day birding the roads and trails before night birding at the lodge. seeing a Sulawesi Scops Owl which had kept us awake the previous night.

Some of the birds of the day were Red-eared Fruit Dove, Small Sparrowhawk, Black Eagle, Meyer’s Lorikeets and Hoevell’s Warbling-Flycatcher.

After dinner and the bird list, we were in bed by 9.30 pm, as we had a long day the next day.

There had been an earthquake in that part of Indonesia just 2 weeks before. The school and village centre was destroyed and the lodge restaurant went from being on stilts to being a ground floor building. 

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