Indonesia Trip 2017 Day 17

Indonesia Trip Day 17 – Monday 7th August 2017

Halmahera with Mike Nelson from Bird Tour Asia.

The second part of our 6-week Indonesian trip was birding the island of Halmahera. Today we were in South East  Halmahera in the mountains near the city of Weda.

We had crossed Weber’s Line and so were into the Australasia avifauna region.

On the morning of Monday 7th August 2017, we went out at 6.40 am to start birding at 7.00 am.

We were 10 mins late as Dad had forgotten to change the time by an hour. We spent the morning birding Weda Forest, until 2 pm when we went back to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch, we had to delay going out because of heavy rain as it was monsoon. Eventually, we got out birding at 3.30 pm, going back to the same forest and getting back to the lodge at 7.30 pm. Another amazing day birding.

One big target for the day was Ivory-breasted Pitta. Dad and I saw it ok several times and Mum got some short views. Just before it got dark the three of us had a 6-second clear flight view over our heads when we could see the ivory breast. Amazing. Unfortunately, a couple of others saw it really badly. We had a discussion about whether we’re going to tick the bird or not and they said they would rather not.

It’s always difficult when someone in the group misses a big bird. I think you have to go back and try and get everyone. It’s madness for some people not to bother, as you might miss something else. So we decided to keep trying

The best birds of the day were Australian Brush Cuckoo, Pale-vented Bush-hen, Red-flanked Lorikeet, Red-cheeked Parrot, Pygmy Hanging Parrot, Sultan’s Sahul Pitta, Ivory-breasted Pitta, Wallacean Monarch and Dusky Myzomela
Many of these were an island or Moluccan endemics.

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