Birdwatch Magazine Readers Choice Awards 2015 – My Nomination

In the November 2015 edition of Birdwatch Magazine, the Birders’ Choice Awards 2015 were announced. The lovely Steve Hale of Avon Birding contacted us asking if he could publicize that I was nominated for an award. We hadn’t looked at our copy yet, but quickly looked and found that I was nominated in the Best Blog section.

I was up against a load of brilliant blogs but especially Noah Strycker’s blog, Birding Without Borders, about his Big Year around the world. With all these fantastic bloggers, there was no way I could win, but that didn’t matter. For me, being nominated in the awards alongside the world’s biggest bloggers was winning – I had won my place amongst the them and that was amazing.

So thank you to Birdwatch Magazine for nominating me and to everyone (especially by friends and family) who voted for me.

Voting has closed now but I am looking forward to finding out how everyone gets on.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig at Camp Avalon
Photography taken by and copyright Helena Craig

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2 thoughts on “Birdwatch Magazine Readers Choice Awards 2015 – My Nomination

  1. I am so proud to know you and am sure that you will be making more and lmore of an impact for the natural world as you go on. Congratulations on all you have done already! Bridget Taylor

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