Forster’s Tern, Essex

On Sunday 20 November 2016 we travelled to Mistley Quay in Essex to see a Forster’s Tern. The bird had been seen the afternoon before, but we were due to see Mike Dilger speak at the Somerset Wildlife Trust AGM and so had to wait.

We turned up to the site to hear that the bird had been seen further along the river. We then drove past Mistley Quay, to where the bird had been seen. Unfortunately, it had flown off 10 minutes before and so we headed back. This was what happened for the first few hours, chasing the bird up and down the river.

Finally, we decided to stay put at Mistley Quay itself and hope the bird flies past us.  It was now afternoon and it was cold standing there by the riverside.

Eventually, the first winter Forster’s Tern flew upriver from the right, coming in pretty close and giving us a good scope view. After a few minutes, the tern carried on flying and so I didn’t get a photograph because of the fence between me and the bird.

This was another good bird for the autumn, which was a new bird for me. Apparently, this was my sister Ayesha’s 400th bird on her British list.

Forster’s Tern twitch

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