Film-making Workshop using the outdoors

Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig’s Camp Avalon 2015
Birdigirl Mya-Rose Craig filming for BBC4

I have organised with Black2Nature, in partnership with BBC Natural History Unit, Icon Films and young filmmaker Paul Collins an exciting film-making workshop with a focus on group work and outdoor filming. It is aimed at young people aged 11 years – 19 years with priority to those living in areas of deprivation or of a minority ethnic background. The event takes part at Eastville Park in inner-city Bristol on 21st June 2017, from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

BirdigirlMya-Rose Craig filming for BBC4

We will cover:

(1) Discussion: What makes a good story?

(2) Discussion: What is the story? – Subject, Setting, Behaviour

(3) In Groups: What is the story? – choose a subject; a story with a beginning/middle/end; interesting behaviour.

(4) Discussion: Storyboarding – i.e. how to tell the story visually… Basics of composition; shot sizes (close-up v wide) and what these mean for the story.

(5) In Groups: Storyboarding – drawing a sequence; understanding what shots they need to get to tell the story; thinking about story structure. Once each group has a storyboard, given instruction on how to use the camcorders and filming in groups.

Review of filming and instructions for home editing task.

All participants will receive a certificate for the workshop. It is hoped that the workshop will help young people from less affluent backgrounds to get started on a career in nature film-making as well as sparking and interest in the outdoors. Bristol makes 80% of the world’s nature and wildlife films.

BirdigirlMya-Rose Craig filming for BBC4

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