Cultures of Nature and Wellbeing Conference with Bristol Festival of Nature on 13 June 2017

On Tuesday 13 June 2017 at the Watershed in Bristol, I was a speaker in a panel at a one-day conference organised by Bath Spa University with The Bristol Festival of Nature.
I spoke about Camp Avalon, Race Equality in Nature Conference, Black2Nature and encouraging Black Asian Minority Ethnic people out into nature and engaging.

Afterwards, we answered questions as a panel which was the first time I had done that formally, which I really enjoyed.

This is their blog post about the event

It was really amazing to get so much positive feedback and someone approached my mum a couple of days later at an event to hear that my talk was spot on and in their opinion the best of the day!

Young birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig at Watershed
Copyright Mya-Rose Craig

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