Chile – Day 7 – 19 December 2015 – Punta Arenas

This morning we left Puerto Natales early so that we could get to Punto Arenas airport and go birding on the way. It was going to be our last chance to see Flightless Steamer Duck before we set off for the Falkland Islands, so we needed to stop on coves along the coast. These ducks live on the coast.

During our journey to Punto Arenas, we saw a few different birds like Chilean Flamingo. Me, Mum and Dad took the opportunity to have a rest before our busy day.

Chilean Flamingo
Photograph taken by and copyright Rodrigo Silva, Albatross Birding Tours

We were due to be flying to The Falklands, and have a few hours of birding before boarding our boat to Antarctica.

About a mile before Punta Arenas airport, we stopped at a quiet cove. As we walked along the beach we saw a pair of Flightless Steamer Duck, which were fantastic to see; to think that they had evolved to lose their power of flight.

From here it was great to just pop up the road to catch our flight to Mount Pleasant, near Port Stanley.

Best birds of the morning:

Chilean Flamingo
Upland Goose
Flightless Steamer Duck
Dark-bellied Cinclodes
Long-tailed Meadowlark

Flightless Steamer Duck

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