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I am really really pleased to be on Lush Player with Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig’s Podcast which I am particularly excited about as Lush is my favourite shop and perfect for me as a teen vegetarian/almost vegan, environmentally friendly, low impact products that actually work and smell great too. Also, Lush is a Bristolian slang word that means lovely or gorgeous. If you Add Gert to make it “Gert Lush” that adds “very”. So Mark Constantine, if you ever read this, I’d love to be a Lush Ambassador!

This is a podcast that I originally did for Charlie Moores which was published on The Sound Approach (TSA) podcast. I am talking about birding in the UK, world birding, Race Equality in Nature, racism, Twitter trolls and being President of Black2Nature.

This is a really interesting article on the Lush Website called The cost of beauty: Why inclusivity isn’t just about shades foundation

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