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In November 2017, an article that I wrote about my Race Equality in Nature Conference and my Black2Nature project appeared in The Wildlife Trusts Winter Magazine, Natural World. The Magazine is read by all members of the individual Wildlife Trusts, to a huge 880,000 people.

I wrote about my experience as a young minority ethnic naturalist, noticing the lack of other minority ethnic people and how important it was to get more people engaged in nature.

I wrote about Camp Avalon which took place in June 2015 and 2016, what I learnt from that and my Race Equality in Nature Conference in June 2016.

The article contained some of the findings from the conference when we looked at the barriers to Minority Ethnic people getting out into nature, what can be done to overcome the barriers and how to create role models.

Lots of people contacted me to say how important my article was and that in the future people would look back and say that it was when the issue came to many people’s notice.

The week after the Natural World Magazine arrived, my Wildlife Watch Magazine arrived with my article inside about Camp Avalon, inviting young people to come and take part. It was really funny because my friends at The Wildlife Trust head office thought that it was the first time that someone had articles in both magazines at the same time!

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