Bird List for the Drake Passage and Antarctica

Birds and animals seen on Antarctica Voyage (the Drake Passage and Antarctica):

Birds seen on Antarctica Voyage:

Black-browed Albatross

Southern Royal Albatross and Black-browed Albatross

Gray Mantled Albatross

Northern Giant Petrel

Gentoo Penguin

Adélie Penguin

Snow Petrel
Photograph taken by and copyright Chris Craig

30 new birds

Adelie Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin
Gentoo Penguin
Chinstrap Penguin
Macaroni Penguin
King Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Black-browed Albatross
Wandering Albatross
Southern Royal Albatross
Northern Royal Albatross
Grey-Mantled Albatross
Southern Fulmar
Southern Giant Petrel
Northern Giant Petrel
Wilson’s Storm Petrel
Grey-backed Storm Petrel
Black-bellied Storm Petrel
White-chinned Petrel
Cape Petrel
Antarctic Petrel
Snow Petrel
Common Diving Petrel
Snowy Sheathbill
Sooty Shearwater
Great Shearwater
Brown Skua
Southern Polar Skua
Thin-billed Prion
Antarctic Prion
Antarctic Cormorant
Imperial Cormorant

Animals seen on Antarctica Voyage:

Elephant Seal

Fin Whale


Leopard Seal
Elephant Seal
Antarctic Fur Seal
Crabeater Seal
Weddell Seal
Fin Whale
Humpback Whale

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