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A little while ago Dorset Bird Feed Co ( sent me some samples of bird food to try in my garden. They are a specialist company that produces high-quality bird food in the UK supplied in 100% biodegradable packaging and so I was really interested in the quality of their bird feed.

Lots of people I know in my village, buy poor quality bird food in supermarkets. I am wary of this and would always recommend providing less, better quality feed that is high in energy such as huskless sunflower seeds as birds need lots of energy especially this time of year when they are feeding their young birds. People often ask for a recommendation. Although a bit more expensive, these packs can be put up as they are without feeders and so are great for people who can’t put up feeders or can’t clean them out for any reason.

The food arrived in beautifully packaged cardboard boxes some of which you put up as they are without needing to fill bird feeders so saving time and money. Orders for £20 or more have free delivery which is fantastic as it means you don’t have to carry bird food home from the supermarket.

In the past, people used to say that birds only needed to be fed in winter especially when there is snow as this is when food is most scarce. I feel passionate about feeding our birds as the loss of hedgerow and changes in farming methods feeding birds make big differences to the chances of young birds surviving.

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