Being published in Red Sixty Seven – Curated by Kit Jewitt & Published by the BTO

This book is the idea of Kit Jewitt

I am really proud to have written about Yellowhammer in this book, one that should not exist. Also thank you to Ben Woodhams for his beautiful artwork. Our bird populations are declining at speed. Lots of birds have stopped breeding in the UK and we must act to stop this. Thank you so much to Kit Jewitt for inviting me to contribute.

67 conservationists and artists wrote about the 67 birds on the UK red data birds with the money going back to the British Trust for Ornithology and RSPB. As one of the few recent young people to obtain a BTO bird ringing licence when turning 16 years old, I continue to be a BTO ringing member. This year I and Black2Nature are organising camps for VME young people in partnership with the RSPB and I hope to continue that partnership.

The 67 authors and artists include many of my birding friends including Nick Baker, Patrick Barkham, Anne Cleeves, Mark Cocker, David Darrell-Lambert, Mike Dilger, Ben Garrod, Ben Hoare, Dr Robert Lambert, Miranda Krestovnikoff, Luke Massey, Dara McAnulty, Lucy McRobert, Stephen Moss, Chris Packham and Lolo Williams.

In 2018 and 2019 I helped present a TV documentary for French and German broadcasters ARD/Arte “Missing – Where have all the birds gone” about the decline of farmland and grassland bird species. I interviewed several experts and it was shocking to find out about the decline of 40 million European birds in the last 30 years. This Covid-19 European lockdown has demonstrated how nature can come back if we give it space and how things must change in the future.

If you have not read it yet, please get a copy, and help save our birds which you can get at Red-67-the-boo

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