A must read for children – The Adventure of Horatio Mowzl

The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl is a trilogy of illustrated novels for children and young adults by the brilliant Paul Thornycroft

Volume One:  “Little Humans”

Children –– change the World!

Mya-Rose Craig interviews the author, Paul Thornycroft


Mya-Rose: What are your books about?
Paul: The Mowzl books are about rediscovering the healing magic of the natural world and realising how the damage to Nature caused by human activity has reached a crisis point.

Mya-Rose: Why is it a fairy story if you want to look at real-world issues?
Paul: Because the dominant culture and world view are, unfortunately, one of duality.  The global economy depends upon the exploitation of Nature, a behaviour requiring the suppression of sensitivity and empathy.  In fact, Nature is not dualistic, rather it is infinitely complex and nuanced.  The Mowzl books bring together fairy-story and ‘real world’ drama to allow space for something magical to happen in the way we experience meaning.

Mya-Rose: You have been working on these books for nearly ten years; what made you begin?
Paul: I’m 70 years old, I’ve witnessed 7 decades of climate breakdown and ecological collapse on a global scale.  Politicians, and the corporations that control them have no consciousness of the significance of what is happening.  It is children –– who are inheriting a broken world –– that are now making the leap needed to trigger change on a meaningful scale.

Mya-Rose: In the years you’ve been writing the books, what have you seen change in the world?
Paul: I’ve seen the ecological catastrophe unfolding faster than even the gloomiest scientists predicted; I’ve seen conflict and competition for resources escalate at a time when global cooperation could be the chosen way forward. Encouragingly, I have also seen children find their voice!  For example, Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl who has triggered, by means of her solo activism against climate inaction, a worldwide movement: #climatestrike.  The Mowzl books are my way to contribute to this rising wave of change.


Mya-Rose: Thank you, Paul, you are clearly passionate about this!  When does Volume Two come out?  What’s it called?


Paul: Volume Two is called “First Purlings” and is due out in April 2019.  There’s more info at www.mowzl.co.uk


Mya-Rose: And Volume Three?
Paul: Ah!  That’s under wraps for the moment, but I hope it will be released in time for Christmas 2019!

Mya-Rose: Thank you for talking to me about your writing.
Paul: It’s a pleasure and thank you for your interest and willingness to post this interview as a blog.

Link to Amazon: https://amzn.to/2K4tz3U


This book inspired me – and hopefully others too – to do as much as we can to repair the wild web. It’s great that it’s addressing what we’ve done to the Earth, as so many people need to start helping the environment.  I think the world would be a much better place if everyone read this book!  Can’t wait for the next book!

I decided to Google Mowzl to see if it was available online and was surprised but pleased to see that he has a website, Facebook and Twitter page! I think this will spread the word to help our planet.

Charlotte Blue    Age 12

My Aunt (Chuto Ma) Mya-Rose gave me this book to read and I really loved it. I don’t usually like reading but I enjoyed hearing about Horatio Mowzl, a mouse from the future, as the story was exciting and so I just kept reading.

Laila Price Age 10

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