A Lake District Winter Birdwatching Guide by Jenny Mayer

A Guest Blog by Jenny Mayer

A Lake District Winter Birdwatching Guide 

There is nothing so recreational or fascinating like Birdwatching.

Ask any Birder, or precisely a Bird-Watcher and he will testify the pleasure & happiness the Birding bequeaths.

Green forests with chirping colorful birds or a serene lakeside with waterfowls is always a splendid spectacle. And Windermere Lake District depicts this landscape’s abundance during winter with multiple species chilling out in the natures lap.

Whether it’s the Goldeneye or Great Crested Grebe at the lake or the vibrant Crossbill, Siskin or Hawfinch amidst the woodland, sighting all these colorful species is a marvel and here is an Infographic for everyone whether he is an avid Birder, Professional Pro Birder or just a nature lover to guide you with the Top Bird-Watching Spots or paradise, they say, for this winter in the Lake District.

So what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags to Windermere & just enjoy and soak in the beauty of mother-nature and its awe-inspiring species and refine your senses in the mesmerizing twitter harmony.


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