Testing out an Outdoor Duvet

I have been going birding all my life. My parents and older sister Ayesha were already passionate about birds and so I was taken out from when I was a baby. It is something that is an important part of my life. Birdwatching is intrinsic to my very being. When I am watching birds, I feel happy and at peace. Whatever stresses that are going on are forgotten whilst my mind is filled with the miracle of creatures that can fly and the beauty of their feathers.

My mood depends on the birds I can see and what they are doing. If I am watching a rare Golden Eagle in Scotland, I feel incredibly excited. However, watching swallows gathering on telephone wires, and getting ready to fly south to Africa en mass makes me feel calm. Sitting outside with friends, late into the night became a big part of my life during lockdown and sitting outdoors in nature was something I wanted to carry on when I went to Cambridge University last October as I felt it would help me manage my wellbeing.

I, therefore, accepted the offer of a lovely green Night Owl Sherpa Fleece Outdoor Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company at finebedding.co.uk. The duvet was a cross between a sleeping bag, a duvet and a soft picnic blanket. The outer side is made from soft green waterproof recycled plastic (Teflon EcoLite technology) and the inside is like super soft wool.

I loved my outdoor duvet and used it every day for multiple uses. I was lucky enough to have had a penthouse room, with my bedroom opening out into the roof. I would sit outside chatting with my friends late into the night, with my outside duvet keeping me warm and dry through the autumn and winter. I could put it over my head if it rained and zipped up around me if I was very cold.

All I had to do was hang it over a door to get it aired and dry inside and out. I would then hang it over an armchair in my living room, with the wool side up. This was the chair I would sit in, whilst reading or just watching birds on the river through my enormous wall length window overlooking the River Cam. I would also wrap it around me when I was writing essays, keeping me warm in the evening.

During the spring and summer, my friends and I spent a lot of time sitting on grass within our college grounds, enjoying the world around us. I would take my outdoor duvet and put it down like a blanket but with the waterproof side down, keeping 2-3 of us dry.

During my first year at Cambridge, I had friends from other colleges as well as friends and cousins from back home stay over, when I was able to use the outdoor duvet as a sleeping bag. It was also quick and easy to wash and dry.

I rarely accept gifts, but I’m really glad I agreed to try this one, as it has been multi purposeful but especially for keeping me dry outside.

If you had less space, then you could use your outdoor duvet on your bed as well. At £70 it is pricy for a student, but I do think it’s value for money taking into account how much it’s worth.


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