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Birdgirl’s Favourite Blog Posts of 2015

Please watch my 90 second video about seeing amazing Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.  There were a highlight of of the year but not the blog itself:

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig with a silverback Mountain Gorilla

I have loved blogging during 2015 and looking back I thought I’d post my favourite ones.  When I started looking at the posts, there were so many and so much variety, it was really hard to choose.  In the end, I had posted 247 times during 2015, which is just plain crazy.  For 2016, I’m going to try and keep it averaging at about one a week, with more when I'm abroad, so that I can concentrate on school work.

Here the final list:

1.     Big Garden Birdwatch – 28/012015 -

This is THE birding event of the year and so had to be included. Every year the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) as the public to watch their garden birds for an hour and record what they see.  In 2015 over 8.5 million birds were recorded. 

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig taking part in Big Garden Birdwatch

2.     Bangladesh Trip 18th Feb 2015, The Spoon-billed Sandpiper Day 5, Part 2 – 18/02/2015 -

The is about finally seeing a Spoon-billed Sandpiper, a hugely rare and stunning bird.  Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper is a project that is really important to me.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig with Mohamed Foysal and Sakib Ahmed Sonadia Island, Bangladesh

3.     What kind of world would I vote for? A GM free one – 02/05/2015 -

This is a subject that I feel very strongly about.  I think it’s terrible that we can have GMO in our food without it being labelled.  If there was one post I would urge you to read, it’s this one.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig

4.     A Mega Twitch, Citril Finch, Norfolk – 10/05/2015 –

I think the reason this twitch was great, was it had everything going for a good story. First it was a MEGA RARITY.  I had been away on Scout survival camp and had no sleep then I wrote, “I should have know something was up, when Mum appeared to pick us up right on time.  Mum is never on time.”  We dashed home and Dad got us to Norfolk for late afternoon.  It was a little walk to the bird and the whole world was walking towards us, helpfully grinning and telling us that the bird was still there.  We saw the bird pretty quickly but knew it was touch and go, as within about 20 minutes it had disappeared.  I felt loads of relief.   Lee Evans was there adding some drama and so were a few friends that we hadn’t seen for ages (like Mike Edgecombe OBC Chair).  Then we stopped at the home of some world birding friends, which is always great and had a late night getting home.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig

5.     30 Days Wild, Day 13 examining Brian and meeting Bill Oddie – 13/06/2015

This was an initiative from The Wildlife Trusts to get people doing something wild everyday in their normal lives during the month of June. I decided to take part for the month and on this day I went to the Festival of Nature in Bristol and used a camera for tiny objects, like a snail (Brian).  I also heard Bill Oddie speak and met him afterwards. He was really lovely to me, showed me genuine interest and was just kind.  I was a big fan anyway, but am now his top fan.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig with Bill Oddie

6.     Camp Avalon - 21 Jun 2015, Ringing – 15/07/2015 -

Camp Avalon was a young birders’ weekend camp that I organised on the Somerset Levels last summer.  I worked hard to make it ethnically diverse and 5 boys came from inner city Bristol.  I loved this session because everyone connected with the birds and that was lovely to see.  Camp Avalon will be running again this year on 15-17 July 2016 and so get in touch if you or someone you know wants to come.

7.     No More Hunting with Dogs, Parts 1-3, Meeting my Conservative MP, Letter to my MP, To Mr Rees-Mogg, I am Fox  – 11,12,13/06/2015, 08,12,13/07/2015,  -,,, and,

I know these are strictly 6 posts, but fox hunting is something I hate.  My conservative MP is in  favour of bringing back hunting with dogs and so I went to see him, heard his arguments, did my research, wrote explaining why his arguments sucked and then did a video message to him two days before a vote was due in the House of Commons.  I was really proud as he actually “favourited” my tweeted video, which I do respect him for, as most people would have ignored it.

Fox killed by hounds

8.    East Africa - Day 32, Seeing my 4000th bird species in Kenya – 23/08/2015 -

How could I not include the excitement of my 4000th bird species? It was a Red-throated Tit, which I saw on my first day in Kenya at Swaro Plains just south of Nairobi.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig photographing Red-throated Tit, Swaro Plains, Kenya

9.   Bristol Climate Change March – 29/11/15 –

This year has been such an Amazing year for me.  I live near Bristol, a centre for Nature TV production and green organisations, which I am really proud of.  2015 Bristol was European Green Capital, a huge thing.  There are lots of famous Ambassadors but they chose me as well.  It was the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris in December and cities around the world held marches and rallies.  I was asked by Bristol Greenpeace to address the rally in Bristol, which was unbelievable.  It was a really important event with 785,000 marching around the world.

This was my speech addressing the rally, which was amazing having people cheering me through my speech (sorry about the rubbish sound):

Bristol Climate Change Rally 29 Nov 2015

10.   Antarctica Voyage Day 6, 24 Dec 2015 – Graham Passage, Danco Island, camping on Leigh Cove and seeing an Emperor Penguin – 25/12/2015 -

I think this was the best day of our trip, everywhere we went was beautiful, with lots of ice, whales and seals.  Then we successfully twitched an Emperor Penguin, which is really rare away from their breeding site on the Weddell Sea.  We really couldn’t believe our luck.  After all of that, we camped out on ice in a stunning location.  It was 2 nights after summer solstice and so the sky was beautiful all night.  It’s an experience I will never forget.

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig camping on Leith Cove, Antarctica at midlnight

Leith Cove, Antarctica at 2 am

About the Writer

Young Birder Birdgirl Mya-Rose Craig on Scilly
Photograph taken by and copyright Chris Craig

Mya-Rose Craig is a 13 year old young birder, naturalist, conservationist, environmentalist, activist, writer and speaker. She is based near Bristol and writes the successful Birdgirl Blog, with posts about birding and conservation from around the world. She loved seeing Mountain Gorillas in East Africa and Penguins in Antarctica over Christmas 2015, her 7th continent. 

Mya-Rose is a Bristol European Green Capital Ambassador along with Kevin McCloud, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Tony Juniper, Simon King, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Shaun the Sheep! See the full list of Bristol Ambassadors. She has also been listed with the singer songwriter George Ezra and actress Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones as one of Bristol's most influential young people. Please like her Birdgirl Facebook Page and follow her on Birdgirl Twitter

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